Photo Commentary #25: Leading Lines

Photo Commentary #25: Leading Lines

Photo Commentary #25: Leading Lines 683 1024 varunvisuals

Hi everyone! Before I start, I just want to apologize for the lack of posts this past week! I have been working as hard and fast as possible to get my website ready for all of you to access – and I can’t wait to show it to you! Stay tuned for that announcement!
Now, lets talk about this beauty which was taken by Efrain Alonso. I could talk about the calming aesthetic of the window reflections, but I am sure you all are pros when it comes to that topic! In this instance, the …glass acts as a way of not just increasing color within the photo, but “extending” the depth of the image. The tones of the sunset darken along the windows as they get closer to you, thus exponentially increasing the perspective with which you can appreciate the main subject of the photo – the sky.
The other element that hones in on image depth is the leading lines within the photo. Put simply, leading lines are any geometrical instances that help “lead” the viewer’s eyes linearly in a certain direction (usually towards the subject). Typically, these lines are natural within the image, meaning there are already present within the scene, free from any intervention by the photographer. The most popular and basic example of this photographic element is the oh-so-common photo of railroad tracks. The “lines” of the track quite literally help your eyes travel to the horizon while simultaneously giving the photo depth. In a sense, leading lines make the viewer’s job easier, as they do not need to work as hard to identify what they should be looking at.
This photo uses the lines of the street, building, and window frames, to guide you towards the sunset. The reflections are merely a treat for you to enjoy along the way 🙂
Photographer: Efrain Alonso

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