My predominant focus of work is within the field of photography. While I am still exploring a multitude of genres, my favorite subject matters tend to be cityscapes and landscapes. However, I still take keen interest in other fields such as portraits, fine art, street, and architectural photography, to name a few.


Although I began my visual art career in photography, I later learned to delve into film and video. Many of my video based creations are still rooted in photography via timelapses of cityscapes and astroscapes. In the future, I hope to explore other video based visuals such as music videos, trailers, and short films.


While my photography and video work originates from an artistic perspective, I am also willing to use my skills for any needs you may have. Whether you require a promotional video for your business, a senior photo shoot, a wedding album for your special day, a music video, or a specific image/piece you would like to commission, please feel free to contact me. I would love to work with you and help bring your project come to life.

Photographer and Video Creator


Learn more about me and where I found my inspiration to become a landscape and urban photographer.

Visually and Physically

High Quality

I have always been a firm advocate of quality over quantity. This being said, I only offer artwork that I believe to be absolutely perfect. I meticulously pour over every photo to ensure there are absolutely no flaws in lighting, exposure, contrast, and composition. Similarly, I have vetted through multiple print manufacturers to ensure their mission holds the same values as myself – to provide you with stunning, durable, high quality art pieces that you can display proudly.



While many artists focus on one particular subject, I love experimenting with a variety of genres: cityscapes, landscapes, astrophotography, architecture, and more. While each genre comes with its own unique challenges, they also resonate differently with every viewer. Furthermore, all my photos are available in several print mediums, sizes, finishes, and display options. It is my hope that out of the thousands of product combinations available, I can fulfill your unique requirements and artistic taste.



Several of my pieces have been exhibited in art galleries around the world. Hosting countries have included Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and the Netherlands. It has been nothing short of an honor to have my work displayed in such prestigious institutions. Similarly, it would be nothing short of an honor to have my work displayed in your home.



And what makes it so special


Landscape photography is one of the ways I connect myself to the natural world that surrounds me. Whether it includes mountains, valleys, waterscapes, or sunsets, every landscape holds a certain emotion or experience that I attempt to capture in a way that transcends the physical barriers of a photograph.


I have always been captivated by urban environment, especially at night. Practically an ecosystem in itself, cityscapes are a mosaic of the lives of its inhabitants and visitors, the emotions they carry, and the stories they create, all intertwined within a myriad of beautiful buildings, lights, and skyscrapers. Capturing these moments simultaneously is a passion I can’t get enough of.


A picture may be worth a thousand words but a timelapse is worth infinite – after all, timelapses can speak beyond the end of time itself. The passage of time holds secrets of its own, none that a single photo can produce. Whether it be the wrath of mother nature in a storm or the never ending cycle of sunrises and sunsets, timelapses are indicative of an unstoppable force that we must all abide by. My work strives to capture the various ways this force manifests in the world around us.


My love for astrophotography is not just for the subject matter, but also for its meaning and the experiences that always lead me there. Every photo shoot entails packing up my gear, hopping in the car, going on a long road trip to the middle of nowhere, setting up my camera, and just gazing up at the stars. These trips have a magical way of making me realize how infinitesimal all your problems are in relation to the vast, unknown, and beautiful universe. My goal is to help you experience these same emotions for yourself, just by looking at my photos.


Relatively new in the realm of digital media, cinemagraphs are the result of isolating motion in an otherwise still photograph. Utilizing this art form is my way of entertaining the benefits of both photo and video. A way of giving you an image to interpret, while subtly guiding your interpretation by pieces of movement.


I began to realize that many of the concepts I have learned and experiences I have had are not so common among most people – or at least not as common as I had originally thought. While never my main focus or goal as a photographer, writing blogs and articles became a way of sharing such experiences with those around me. Whether it be advice for fellow photographers, lessons and explanations for beginners, or fun facts for the curious, I have found my writing to simply be a byproduct from my constant growth as an artist.


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