Photo Commentary #24: Subject Control

Architectural Building With Neon Lights and Reflection

Photo Commentary #24: Subject Control

Photo Commentary #24: Subject Control 1024 576 varunvisuals
Architectural Building With Neon Lights and Reflection

This photo by Zichuan Han is a perfect example of a photo in which reflections have been accurately controlled so that the architectural subject is complimented, rather than overpowered.


It has definitely been quite some time since I commented on an image so let’s get back to it with this mesmerizing shot taken by Zichuan Han!
The first feature of this photo is no mystery – the unique modern architecture of the building. One could probably talk about the elegance of such a structure, but unfortunately I do not qualify as an architect 😉 But what I do know, is it is perfectly framed and composed along one of the horizontal lines of thirds (more on this in another post).
The second feature is a little more subtle – – the cool blue reflections of the building’s neon lights. As I have mentioned before, reflections are a great way to add clarity and depth to an image. In this case, the reflection also accentuates the features of the main subject, which is the building itself. It is critical that the photographer plans his photo, not just in terms of composition, but also editing. It is very easy to get carried away and make everything in the photo “eye-catching”, but that would only confuse the viewer. What am I supposed to be looking at? What is important here? In this instance, Han did an excellent job of keeping the reflection to a subtle, yet still powerful, appearance. The building retains the primary attention of the viewer, while the reflection ADDS to it, rather than subtract from it.
Photographer: Zichuan Han

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