Photo Commentary #15: Using Water for Reflections

Toronto Skyline Over Lake Ontario at Night

Photo Commentary #15: Using Water for Reflections

Photo Commentary #15: Using Water for Reflections 1024 683 varunvisuals
Toronto Skyline Over Lake Ontario at Night

This photo of the Toronto city skyline at night is a perfect example of making use of the reflections in a body of water (in this case, Lake Ontario) to increase the overall scene’s color and contrast. While the city light’s reflection is probably visible to the eye, the photographer is still responsible for framing it appropriately within the overall composition of the photo. Furthermore, he must ensure the angle of the lighting is adequate enough for the camera’s sensor to pick up the reflection.

If you read my last post, you know that I briefly touched upon the power of dark and reflective elements within photographs – it would be an utter disservice if I never discussed one of the most common surfaces used and that is water.

Water is an excellent element (pun intended) to include in images due to its reflective properties as well as its ability to introduce contrast in an image where otherwise it would not be found.

When hearing water, many think of oceans, rivers, and lakes – while this is true, as in this image, it also refers to minor things like precipitation, puddles, and wet concrete! Simply put, water has immense power not just in nature and biology, but photography as well!

Fun fact: One of the most common, but less known, assets used on a movie set is a water truck. Often, streets and scenes are hosed down JUST for the amazing colors, contrast, and detail that it can bring to a scene. Next time you watch a movie, look for this especially in night urban scenes. Often, it isn’t even raining in the movie – the ground is just wet. Of course, if it is raining in the scene, this may be from a water truck as well.

So…how many of you already knew this? 

Photographer: Harrison Haines

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