The Artist’s Spotlight #1: Benjamin Sutter

The Artist’s Spotlight #1: Benjamin Sutter

The Artist’s Spotlight #1: Benjamin Sutter 150 150 varunvisuals
Capturing the Northern Lights via Astrophotography This landscape testifies towards Benjamin’s skill in capturing dynamic scenes such as the Northern Lights, while also adhering to the basic principles of astrophotography. 

There are a select few photographers I have discovered that utilize a style or aesthetic to produce not just a single image, but a whole portfolio that I instantly fall in love with – Benjamin Suter is one such individual.
Gloomy Waterscape While many photos have been bright and full of colors, Benjamin is just as capable of producing moody, thought-provoking, high-contrast images.
Quite frankly, I don’t think posting one single image does the artist any justice, hence I have decided to use several photos that I think best encompass his style of capturing images with a myriad of vibrant colors, perfectly balanced with a landscape or …urban-based subject. This is something I am trying to master myself.
River Winding Through Canyon at Sunset This image stands out to me because of its unique take on depth of field – rather than using a firm and distinct foreground, middle ground, and background (one could definitely argue this point), Ben quite literally uses the river to help the viewer’s focus flow through the image. This creates a smoother transition, which is suitable for such a serene scene.
As we have all heard the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words. Explaining everything I love about these images would simply take countless hours and pages, as they each are unique in not just what, but how, subject matter, technique, color, and elements of design are all interconnected with each other. I simply would not be able to pick them all out! 😂
Vantage View of a Colorful City at Night Almost a full 180 from the second photo, this urban scene is nothing short of a vibrant display of countless colors harmonizing with each other in a gradient like fashion. Notice the overall transition from orange in the lower left corner to light blue in the upper right corner.
With that being said, I will leave it up to you to interpret these images as to how you wish – while you should do this with ANY artistic work or photo, I want to give you more freedom this time to do so without any of my say or influence.
Star Trails Over an Urban Scene From a Vantage Point The last photo almost appears to combine the elements of the last two pictures. Despite being an urban scene, Ben utilizes the same depth of field approach characterized by gradual changes rather than distinct ones. Secondly, the more obvious fact, is that the image is once again a vantage view of the city, although the orange and blue hues are scattered rather than localized into a gradient pattern. Of course, the final touch is the star trail in the sky, likely done with masking (and of course, astrophotography).
Tell me which photos you love or what you like about each of them. Perhaps you may find something you are not a fan of – that is okay as well. Also, please do not be surprised if you see me posting more of his work in the future – I simply can’t get enough of it! 😊
Photographer: Benjamin Suter
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